Alter Index Values causes a pre-defined field to reset to the first value in the list


When using the Alter Index Value feature on a pre-defined index field, the original index value is replaced with the first value in the field value list.



Predefined index fields have two options: Users must select Index Field Values from list or Users enter ad hoc Index Field Values or select from list.

If the index field is configured such that the user must choose a pre-defined value and the current index value for the document is not in the pre-defined list, PaperVision forces the value to be changed. The first value listed is automatically selected, but can be manually changed to any value in the list.

Should this behavior occur, an entity administrator should review the project’s pre-defined index value list. It is possible that either the original index value or the pre-defined index value is misspelled. It may simply be missing or it could have been accidentally deleted from the list.

It is also advisable to enable the option Get Index Field Value List from Data Group, as this ensures new additions to the data group will be added to the pre-defined search list.

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R69.1

Last modified Feb 12, 2010

Submitted Feb 12, 2010

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