Batches are not processing after creating and submitting a new Batch


When batches are not processing In the PaperVision Capture Admin console and there is a batch stuck in “Automated Processing” status. There are no event log errors in the Windows Event Viewer and there is a “SUBMIT BATCH” entry in the Maintenance Queue that is not being processed.


Check to ensure that the correct “Automated Service Schedules” have been added in your Automation Service Scheduling:

  1. Log into your PaperVision Capture Administration Console as the Global Administrator.
  2. Expand “Global  Administration” and select “System Settings”.
  3. Select “Configure Automation Service Scheduling”.
  4. Make sure that the operations of “Maintenance Queue” and “Process Batch” are scheduled. These are the minimum operations needed to process a batch.

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Last modified Dec 10, 2009

Submitted Dec 10, 2009

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