Capture job containing more than one Start step

Version: R70

Article ID: PC000020

Capture job containing more than one Start stepmain image


It is possible to configure a PaperVision Capture job that contains multiple Start steps.


Batches can only be created from Capture steps that are defined as Start Steps. A job must contain at least one start step but it is possible to have multiple start steps.

Depending on the scanning environment and/or the particular scan job in question, it may be advantageous to create more than one Capture step, assigned to different users, and which may route to the same or different job steps.

For example if some documents to be scanned contain barcode break sheets, while others contain a specific text value on the page that the operator wishes to break on. Creating two Start steps allows one operator to scan all the barcoded documents into Start step 1, while another operator scans all the zonal OCR documents into Start step 2.  Step 1 then proceeds to barcode breaking, while Step 2 proceeds to an OCR step to break the documents.  Both steps then merge into a single Image Processing step and the job continues in a more traditional setup until the final step.

Much of the time, a single Start step will satisfy the Job’s needs, but the flexibility of multiple Start steps in a single job helps accommodate more complex scenarios.