CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database ‘master’ when attempting to create a database


Users must install SQL Server and create a database before using PaperVision Capture. When attempting to create a database in SQL Server for the first time, users may encounter an error stating CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database ‘master.’  This error is caused by a lack of administrative permissions for the user.


By default, the Authentication type for logging into SQL Server is Windows Authentication, even if Mixed Mode is chosen as the authentication mode. By default in Windows Vista and Windows 7, users with administrative privileges in Windows will not be given administrative privileges in SQL Server.  This means that if a user logs into SQL Server Management Studio using Windows Authentication as a Windows administrator, they will not initially be a SQL Server administrator.  When a user with insufficient privileges attempts to create the Capture database, the above error will be thrown.  To fix this issue, the Windows user must be added as a SQL Server administrator.

Follow these steps to grant a Windows user SQL Server administrative privileges:

  1. Open the Start menu, select All Programs, and open Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008->Configuration Tools->SQL Server Surface Area Configuration.
  2. Select Add New Administrator.
  3. Enter a value for User to provision. The default value for this field is the user that is currently logged into Windows. The format for this field is Computer NameUser Name or Domain NameUser name.
  4. In the Available privileges pane, select Member of SQL Server SysAdmin Role on “Computer Name.”
  5. Click the single arrow pointing to the right to add that selection to the Privileges that will be granted to Computer NameUser Name.
  6. Click OK and exit the SQL Server Surface Area Configuration.

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Last modified Apr 13, 2010

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