Creating a Silent install response file.


How to create a Silent install response file. This is useful for System Administrators that want to easily install on client computers with no user intervention.



Microsoft has numerous solutions to distribute and install programs. Refer to Microsoft for these solutions. (e.g. SMS, Remote Installation Services, Group Policy, etc.)

In the SupportAlternate Installers directory there are different install types. You can also use the standard installation in the PaperVision Enterprise directory.

For versions up to R71:

To make a silent install response file choose which installer you would like to use and run setup.exe /r. Go through the install clicking the buttons a user would normally have to click. This will create a setup.iss file in your Windows or WINNT directory. This is a response file based on the options you choose during the installation. Copy the setup.iss file into same directory that the setup.exe file is. To use the silent install run setup.exe /s. After it has installed a setup.log file will be created in the directory where the setup.exe is located. If the ResultCode= in the setup.log is 0 then it installed fine.

For version R74-R75.3 use the following command switches, placed after the path to the executable:

“PaperVision Document Viewer Controls.exe” /S /v/qn

To run the Administration Control install silently, use the following command switches, placed after the path to the executable:

“PaperVision Administration Controls.exe” /S /v/qn

Note: There needs to be a space after the /S command, but there should be no space between the /v and the /qn


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Last modified Dec 03, 2015

Submitted Sep 12, 2003

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