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There have been a number of questions as to how (and why) sorting works within PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo. This document is intended to explain how sorts work and why. It also looks at what other options are available and why those haven’t been selected by our developers.

This article explains how a project search works when using both full-text search values and index values in the same search query.

Receiving an “Unable to read file - Wininet.dll Returns: The Handle that was Passed to the API was Invalidated or Closed” when trying to view a document within PaperVision Enterprise browser plug in.

Error -28000 Unable to create/access cache path when attempting to view an image via the thin client.

Error -28000 Path not found when attempting to view an image via the thin client.

Error -28000 Access Denied when attempting to view an image via the thin client.

Security considerations with the web server cache when using the default CachePV directory.

How to create a Silent install response file. This is useful for System Administrators that want to easily install on client computers with no user intervention.

How to manually install and uninstall the PaperVision Automation Service on Windows NT\2000\XP and Server 2003.

Receive this message when attempting to import a data group. This error states that you do not have direct physical access to the Data Group Path that has been specified.

This is because there is no data group path set for this particular entity or the physical path does not exist; or the user logged into Windows does not have physical access to the specified path.

13 articles found