Does the thick client from older versions of PaperVision Enterprise work in newer versions?


While upgrading to newer versions of PaperVision Enterprise, the Admin Console will be rolled up to most recent; however, the use of ‘Thick Clients’ may still be possible.



Thick Clients from older versions of PaperVision Enterprise can work when using a newer version on the server. This is possible because the Thick Client can use a direct database connection. There are some key factors to keep in mind when considering this type of configuration:

  • You must not install the Admin Console on any workstation that needs to maintain Thick Client functionality.
  • If you access the newer version of the web site, downloading the new viewer will overwrite the existing Thick Client viewer. This will ultimately cause an error when trying to view images from the Thick Client.
  • Any new viewer functionality will not be available in your Thick Client.
  • Digitech Systems does not test new versions for compatibility with the Thick Client, so future releases could render the Thick Client unusable. It is advised to perform testing in a test environment before upgrading the production environment.

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Last modified May 11, 2010

Submitted May 11, 2010

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