Email documents that include .PDF attachments may display differently when viewed using the PaperVision Document Viewer plug-in.


When viewing an email that includes a .PDF attachment, the .PDF may display differently than it would if it were viewed in Adobe.



Prior to version R74, .PDF attachments included with an email were displayed directly in the PaperVision document viewer.

Beginning with version R74, .PDF attachments included with email documents are not displayed in the PaperVision document viewer. This allows the user to view all pages of the document, but may also cause the .PDF to display differently than when the PaperVision document viewer was rendering the .PDF. This may only happen to a .PDF if it was attached to an email, rather than just attached as an individual document.

To view the .PDF in Adobe:

  1. While viewing the email, click the Open File in Native Application icon to open the email using the default mail client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).
  2. From the mail client, double-click the .PDF to open it in Adobe Reader for viewing.

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R74, R74.4, R74.5, R75, R75.3, R76, R77, R78, R79, R79.2, R80, R81, R82, R82.4

Last modified May 31, 2017

Submitted Mar 03, 2014

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