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In certain scenarios users may receive an Error -30000 message when viewing images through the PaperVision Enterprise website. This may be a result of the anonymous account having all the necessary permissions and rights; but the images are stored at a different location from the Web Server. In some scenarios, the images may even reside on the same physical computer but are being accessed over the network using UNC paths. This type of configuration requires that the “ASP.NET Impersonation” option be enabled for IIS versions 7.5 and higher.

If a user’s IE settings do not properly update stored versions of the PaperVision Enterprise web pages, the user may experience problems when attempting to login and access PVE after a new release.

When viewing an email that includes a .PDF attachment, the .PDF may display differently than it would if it were viewed in Adobe.

When trying to attach a document (Add New Document) through the PaperVision Enterprise client, and the file size is over 200 kb, the process seems to hang. Files less than 200 kb can be attached successfully.

When accessing the PaperVision Enterprise AJAX website, users are presented with a Help hyperlink and OK button with no other formatting or content displayed.

The message may be displayed in Internet Explorer 8 when expanding a folder which contains many subfolders.

As of 6/14/2011 Microsoft released a critical update (KB2530548) for Internet Explorer 9 that addresses the issue stated below, and manually adding a registry key may no longer be required.

Also, PaperVision Enterprise version R75 no longer requires this registry change.

When a user attempts to use PaperVision Enterprise ActiveX controls, such as the document viewer, workflow viewer, and administrative controls, Internet Explorer 9 appears to lock up and can only be closed via Task Manager.

There have been a number of questions as to how (and why) sorting works within PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo. This document is intended to explain how sorts work and why. It also looks at what other options are available and why those haven’t been selected by our developers.

This article explains how a project search works when using both full-text search values and index values in the same search query.

It is possible to change the default search type for the ASP.NET application by making a simple change in the javascript source code.

10 articles found