Error -2147217900-Invalid column name 'PINGTIME'. (PVAuto.AutoCleanup.EntCleanupNonPingSessions.EntCleanupNonPingSessions.


After upgrading a previous installation of PaperVision Enterprise to R50 (or later), the following error is displayed in the Automation Service Scheduler status column for the Session/Grant Cleanup operation –

Error -2147217900-Invalid column name 'PINGTIME'. (PVAuto.AutoCleanup.EntCleanupNonPingSessions.EntCleanupNonPingSessions.Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server)




This error simply indicates that the automation service attempted to run a session cleanup operation immediately after the upgrade completed, but before the Entity was accessed in the Admin Console.

Simply log in to the Admin Console and modify the Entity properties. This will update the database as necessary so the automation service receives correct instructions for running the session clean up.

The next time the session clean up runs, it should report a Success rather than the above error.

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R69.1

Last modified Oct 28, 2009

Submitted Oct 28, 2009

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