Error 53 File not found when attempting to scan or add a new document on a Microsoft Windows 2008 Server using Process Redirection


On a Microsoft Windows Server 2008, in a Process Redirection setup, when attempting to scan, add a new document, or check in a document through the document viewer window, you receive an Error -28000: The Remote/Application server returned the following error information: Function AttachNewDocToProject.PVDMSystem: Error 53; File not found.



This problem is caused by a Windows Server 2008 CIFS timing issue. It can occur when PaperVision Enterprise has been installed on Microsoft Windows Server 2008, configured for process redirection, and the cache location also resides on a Microsoft Windows Server 2008.


Use either of the following two solutions listed below to address this issue.


Solution #1

Create a cache folder on a server that is not running Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and update the Cache settings stored in the Administration Console to point to the new location. If needed, update the web servers’ cache location on IIS to point to the new location as well.

Solution #2

On the Web Server, edit the PVDM.ini file located at C:\Program Files\Digitech Systems\Common Files\, and add the following two lines of text to the [PVDM] section:       REDIRECTREQ=http://yourappserverhere/REDIRECTWEBFILEOPS=1

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Last modified Mar 25, 2010

Submitted Mar 25, 2010

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