Failure to create batch directory


You receive an Application Exception error: “Failure to create batch directory: \\server_name\share\batch_name” when attempting to submit a batch from the Operator Console.


The reason you would receive this error is usually a problem with either the Gateway service or the Windows User that is logged in using the Operator Console not having read/write access to the master batch path that is specified in the Capture Admin Console.


  1. Determine whether your Operator Console is connected to a Gateway by clicking on Start > Programs > Digitech Systems > PaperVision Capture Setup Tool.
  2. Click on the Gateway tab and identify whether you are connected using a Gateway connection to the server or a direct connection to the SQL database.
  3. If you are connected using a Gateway connection, verify the account running the Gateway Service has read/write permissions to the master batch path. If you are connected directly to the database, ensure the Windows user running the Operator Console has read/write permissions to the master batch path.
  4. Once the permissions have been adjusted and verified, re-submit the batch from the Operator Console.


If your master batch path is configured as a UNC path, ensure that location is shared and the Gateway service (if you are connecting to a Gateway) is using a Domain User login with Full Control Sharing and Security rights.

If your primary batch path references a local path, such as C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\... then check permissions of the current Windows user over that path on the workstation. Note that Windows users with restricted rights may not have access to the ‘All Users’ sub-directory.

Filed under PaperVision® Capture, R70

Last modified Feb 24, 2020

Submitted Feb 17, 2010

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