Failure to Initialize Gateway Error 5279


This error indicates a communication failure between client and server. This article provides a general outline for addressing the potential root causes.


This error happens when the client fails to properly communicate with the server. The following is a framework for identifying potential root causes in environments that use a Capture Gateway and in those environments that do not use a Capture Gateway.

Possible root causes in a Gateway configuration are:

  1. The Gateway Server is not installed or running on the server.
    1. The Gateway Server may fail to start if there is another service on the host already listening on the same port. Resolution: Change one or more of the conflicting port numbers.
    2. A Gateway Server with an incorrect username or password won’t start. Resolution: Enter a valid user name and password for the service account.
    3. If the user answers no when prompted to install the Gateway Server, the service will not be installed and a gateway connection will not be possible. Resolution: Reinstall the application and answer yes to the Gateway Server prompt.
  2. The Gateway Server is installed and running, but the client is unable to connect.
    1. A firewall is blocking the connection. Resolution: Change ruleset(s) to allow the connection.
    2. The client is pointing to the wrong Gateway IP address/port number.
    3. The server is listening on the wrong IP address/port number.
  3. The system was functioning as expected, but now there are System.NET Socket Exceptions in the application log and error 5279 is generated when users try to start the program.
    1. A variety of network failures can potentially cause this problem. Resolution: Ensure all Windows Updates are completed and reset the network interface or reboot the system.

Possible root causes in a Non-Gateway configuration are:

  1. The database configuration on the client is not correct. Resolution: Verify the connection data in the Capture Setup Tool Automation Service and Gateway tabs. Verify the following items:
      1. Server IP/Name
      2. Database Name
      3. Port Number
      4. Connection Type
      5. User Name
      6. Password
  2. The DataTransferAgent1 is not running. Resolution: Manually start the service and correct any issues that may cause the service to fail such as a bad user name or password.
  3. The Database Server is not accepting the connection. Resolution: Ensure that the chosen connection type is enabled and the TCP port is correctly configured. Also make sure that the database server is running.
  4. A firewall is blocking the connection. Resolution: Change ruleset(s) to allow the connection to the database server.



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Submitted Apr 13, 2010

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