How to adjust the number of simultaneous automated processes


You can configure the PaperVision Capture Setup Tool to control the number of simultaneous automation processes on a single workstation or server.


The PaperVision Capture Automation Service can run multiple instances, allowing a single machine to process multiple operations at the same time. For example, one automation service instance can process the Maintenance Queue operation, while two other instances can run the Process Batch operation to complete automated tasks like Zonal OCR or Custom Code steps. By default, the number of simultaneous processes is set to one.

To increase the number of simultaneous processes:

  1. Open the PaperVision Capture Setup Tool (Start > Programs > Digitech Systems > PaperVision Capture Setup Tool).
  2. Select the Automation Service tab.
  3. Enter the number of simultaneous processes. Note: The type of hardware as well as other processes running on a workstation or server may limit the number of simultaneous processes that can be run.
  4. Once you have entered the number of simultaneous processes, click Save, and you will be prompted to restart the automation service for the changes to take effect. Note: It is advised to only restart the automation service when batches are not currently being processed.
  5. Click OK to restart the automation service.
  6. Exit the PaperVision Capture Setup Tool.
  7. Log into the Administration Console as a global administrator, and then select System Settings > Automation Service Scheduling.
  8. From the drop-down menu at the top of the window, select an instance of the automation service.
  9. Assign operations and time intervals, then click Save before choosing another instance to configure.

If you decrease the number of simultaneous processes, a global administrator should also delete the corresponding processes, if any, from the Automated Service Status screen in the Administration Console. This simply prevents confusion as decreasing the number of simultaneous processes will not immediately remove them from the Administration Console.

For additional details, refer to the PaperVision Capture Administration Guide, Chapter 2 – Global Administration.

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Last modified Feb 24, 2020

Submitted Jan 22, 2010

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