How to assign a Named license to a specific workstation in PaperVision Capture


PaperVision Capture has both named licenses and concurrent licenses. Named licenses are assigned to a specific workstation on the network.



Named licenses are assigned to a specific workstation or single automation service instance on the network. This article will explain how to assign a named license to a specific workstation. Licenses assigned to a specific workstation are only available to users on that workstation.

For example, Bob is responsible for scanning and indexing documents for a job that consists of a Nuance Full-Text OCR step. Bob’s workstation may need to have a Scan, Index, and Nuance Full-Text OCR license assigned to it, or he may not be able to create and index batches for this job.

To assign a license:

  1. Login to the Administration Console as a Global Administrator.
  2. Expand Global Administration, and select Licensing.
  3. Select your license from the right-hand pane.
  4. Double-click the license (or right-click and select Properties).
  5. Use the Assigned To dropdown menu to assign the license to a specific entity.
  6. If the license is a Named license, the Named System field will be enabled. Either type the workstation name, or use the ellipsis button to browse the network for the workstation name.
  7. Once both are selected, click OK to save the license assignment.

Filed under PaperVision® Capture, R70

Last modified Jan 04, 2010

Submitted Jan 04, 2010

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