How to configure the Monitored import Path in a Workgroup environment.


How to setup a monitored import path with PaperVision Enterprise in a Workgroup environment.


  1. You need to setup a user on both the server and the scan station that have the same username and password.
  2. The user account on the system with the data groups will require read-access to the data group location if you are loading image-only data groups without selecting copy data group. If you are doing a load and copy or loading anything with COLD or full text data that will be loaded into the full text engine, this user will also require write access to the Entities’ Data Paths specified in the Admin Console. To check these paths, open the PaperVision Admin Console and open the properties of the Default Company listed under Entities. If these paths point to the system with the data groups, then the rights need to be applied to the user on that system. If the paths indicate a location on the workstation, then these rights need to be applied to the user created on the workstation.
  3. On the PaperVision Enterprise system, the PaperVision Automation Service needs to be configured to use the user account created above. On most systems, you can right-click my computer and select manage. Under Services and Applications, open Services and the PaperVision Automation Service should be listed.       Right-click the service and choose Properties. On the Log On tab, choose this account and enter the username and password created above. Note: Windows 98/98SE/ME does not run the automation server as a service but as an application and will use the rights of the user who is currently logged on to the computer.
  4. Login to the scan station using the new user account you setup for this test.
  5. Setup a monitored import in the Admin Console that uses the UNC path to the scan station’s data group (ex: \scanstationjobsdatagroup).
  6. Manually import one data group for each project from the PaperVision Admin Console using the UNC path.
  7. Set the Monitored Import Paths timer to 1 minute in the System Settings under Configure System Settings in the Admin Console.
  8. Now when you scan a document into PaperFlow, you should then see it in PaperVision after a few minutes.

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Last modified Oct 28, 2004

Submitted Sep 04, 2003

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