How to decrease the time it takes to open a batch and display associated images


If operators notice a long delay when taking/opening batches and before the first page displays in the Operator Console, administrators can enable the Pre-Caching property in any manual step.



If the Pre-Caching property is enabled in a manual step, users will not have to wait for the entire batch to download. Instead, when an operator takes/opens a batch, only the administrator's specified number of pages is downloaded from each document (before the remaining pages of each document are downloaded). This property is particularly useful when batches contain very large documents (or a large number of documents), or when hand-key indexing is always performed on the first few pages.

To enable the Pre-Caching setting for any manual step:

  1. In Job Definitions, expand the General node in the step's Properties grid.
  2. Under the Pre-Caching property, set the Enabled property to True.
  3. Enter a value in the Number Pages field.

For more information, see the PaperVision Capture Administration Guide's section on Pre-Caching in Chapter 4 - Capture Job Configuration.


Filed under PaperVision® Capture, R71.1

Last modified Jun 24, 2010

Submitted Jun 24, 2010

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