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PaperVision Capture brings an unprecedented level of efficiency and power to information capture. Work with everything, implement any custom process you want and track any statistic you need.


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Within PaperVision Capture, regular expressions can be used to validate batch names and index fields populated by a user or an OCR process. Below are a few regular expressions that validate some common date formats:

When using the custom code export feature of PaperVision Capture, and designing specific output, can one use the characters of double quotation marks as field qualifiers for images?

If operators notice a long delay when taking/opening batches and before the first page displays in the Operator Console, administrators can enable the Pre-Caching property in any manual step.

When moving the batch files up to the Master Batch Repository, the PaperVision Data Transfer Agent may encounter an invalid lease error. When the Operator Console submits a batch, it acquires a "lease" from the server that expires after a certain amount of time.

This article outlines the basic settings required to enable a job step to insert a document break, index a value, and then delete the page. This is typically configured when using barcode header sheets.

5 articles found