How To Determine if a Port Is Already In Use When Configuring the PaperVision Capture Gateway Server


When configuring the PaperVision Capture Gateway Server, the NETSTAT command can quickly determine if a port is already in use.


In this example the user is considering using the default port number 80 as the PaperVision Capture Gateway port. To determine if port 80 is already in use on the local machine, execute the following command from the Windows Command-Line Console.


NETSTAT –ano | find “:80”


TCP           LISTENING       4
TCP           LISTENING       4

The output tells us that the local machine is “LISTENING” on all unassigned addresses using port 80 and 8000, so to successfully configure the gateway another port will need to be selected.

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Last modified Feb 24, 2020

Submitted Jan 22, 2010

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