How To Restrict a User From Accessing Specific Documents While Allowing Access to All Other Users


Normally when Document Security Levels are used, a wildcard lockdown rule is first implemented which prevents all users from accessing any documents. Then subsequent Document Security Levels are added, granting access to specific users. In some circumstances an administrator may want to prevent a user from accessing specific records while allowing all other users access to the records. This article describes the steps required to accomplish this task.



To prevent a user from accessing specific documents while granting access to all other users requires an unconventional approach to Document Security Levels.

To accomplish this task follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the PaperVision Admin Console.
  2. Click on Document Security Levels under the appropriate project.
  3. Add a new Document Security Level named “Selective Lockdown.”
  4. On the General tab, do not select any.
  5. On the Criteria tab, rather than enter a wildcard ‘*’ character, enter criteria that only match the desired documents and save the Document Security Level. (Example: first name “John” and last name “Smith”).
  6. Add a second Document Security Level.
  7. On the General tab, enter all users except for the restricted user(s).
  8. On the Criteria tab, enter the same criteria as used in the selective lockdown and save the Document Security Level.
  9. Once created, be sure to apply these new security levels to existing documents.
  10. As with all new document security levels, it is important to test the behavior to ensure it functions as desired.

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R69.1

Last modified Apr 13, 2010

Submitted Apr 13, 2010

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