How to search for documents with a non-blank index value


This article explains how to perform an index field search for documents that have a non-blank index value.



Most users are familiar with using a wildcard (*) operator in PaperVision searches. While useful, a wildcard search will also return [Blank] indexed documents in addition to documents with valid indexes.

A user may want to run a search to find all documents except those that have [Blank] index values. This can be done by combining two search operators: the underscore (_) which specifies ‘any single character’, and then a standard wildcard (*) immediately after the underscore.


To search a Street Address field, enter _* and click the search button. All documents that contain a Street Address value are returned as results. Any document with a [Blank] street address is not returned.

Note: This type of search can be extremely useful when designing a WorkFlow. The WorkFlow administrator can specify a pre-condition using _* to ensure that only documents with ‘any valid index value’ are allowed to enter the WorkFlow.

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R69.1

Last modified June 21, 2017

Submitted Jan 04, 2010

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