Internet Explorer has closed this webpage to help protect your computer.


When viewing documents in PaperVision Enterprise, the document viewer does not display, and instead the user recieves the message "Internet Explorer has closed this webpage to help protect your computer: A malfunctioning or malicious add-on has caused Internet Explorer to close this webpage."


This is an indication that a third party browser add-on that doesn't recognize the document viewer as a safe application is attempting to protect the machine and is preventing it from opening.

To resolve this follow the steps below:

Disable third-party browser extensions in Internet Explorer

  1. Launch Internet Explorer
  2. Select Tools and Internet Options
  3. Select Advanced
  4. Under "Browsing" uncheck Enable 3rd party browser extensions and click OK. You will need to close all Internet Explorer windows and open a new one for this to take effect.


This will disable any Internet Explorer add-ons and toolbars that may be causing this message. You can also disable add-ons individually:

Disable individual 3rd party browser extensions in Internet Explorer.

  1. Launch Internet Explorer
  2. Select ToolsàManage Add-onsàEnable to Disable Add-ons…
  3. Select the Add-on you want to disable and change the radio button under Settings to Disable.
  4. Click OK when finished.

Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R69.1

Last modified Feb 23, 2010

Submitted Feb 23, 2010

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