Out of Memory exception in the PaperVision Capture Administration Console


An Out of Memory exception can be thrown in the PaperVision Capture Administration Console when users attempt to browse through Batch Management or Maintenance Logs. This is caused by a large number of items in these lists.


Having many items in either Batch Management or Maintenance Logs can cause an Out of Memory exception to be thrown. To avoid this exception, limit the number of items in these lists.

For Batch Management, one way to do this is to use filters. Users can set a maximum number of items to display is this area in the Administration Console. Batch Management has additional filters including Job and Status. One useful filter in Batch Management is Show Destroyed, which is enabled by default. Users can disable this to greatly reduce the number of items in this list.

To limit the number of items in Maintenance Logs, users can add the Maintenance Log Cleanup automation service, which will delete log entries if they are older than the maximum Maintenance Log age. This can be set in System Settings -> Configure System Settings.

Another way to control the Batch Management contents is to employ some automated cleanup features, such as automated batch destruction (Batch Destruction Offset, configured in the final job step of the Capture job). This helps reduce the number of active batches in the system, as well as cleaning up disk space by deleting old batches that have completed their production run.

Lastly, there is a database-level change that can be made that controls the maximum number of results returned to the Batch Management grid and which overrides the maximum record count of the filter. As this last option typically does not need to be changed, please contact the Technical Support department for more information on this setting and whether it is truly applicable for the specific Capture implementation.

Filed under PaperVision® Capture, R70

Last modified Feb 24, 2020

Submitted Apr 13, 2010

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