Submitting a data group to be purged does not move the data group to the deletion queue.


In the Admin Console, an administrator selects a data group to be purged and enables the option “Submit Purge Job” to remove the data group from the system. The administrator then checks the deletion queue to see if the data group has been moved to the deletion queue and the data group is not listed.


The reason why this is happening is because the data group is configured as read-only, not read/write. When the Data Group is submitted for deletion, the data group “pointers” are removed from the database but not the physical images. Thus there is no data to move to the deletion queue.

To change a Data Group from Read-Only to Read/Write:

  1. From the Admin Console/Web Administration, expand the applicable Entity.
  2. Click Data Storage, Data Groups.
  3. Manually change the data group(s) to read/write as follows:
    1. From the Admin Console: right-click on the data group that needs to be updated and select Properties. Enable (check) the box next to Read/Write, and then click Save.
    2. From the Web Administration page: highlight the applicable data group and click the Edit button. Enable the option Read/Write (Files can be Deleted), and then click Save.
  4. Once the data group had been update, the data group will be moved to the deletion queue when the option Submit Purge Job is selected. Once the data group has been moved to the deletion queue, schedule a Deletion Queue automation operation to remove both the data group along with any associated images.

** Making this change and submitting the data group to be purged will permanently delete the data group and images from storage.


To change the default data group state during import (Read-Only or Read/Write); edit the entity properties, and click on the Import tab. Enable the option Read/Write (Files can be Deleted) under “Default Imported Data Group State”.


Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R71

Last modified Jul 12, 2010

Submitted Jul 12, 2010

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