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When trying to attach a document (Add New Document) through the PaperVision Enterprise client, and the file size is over 200 kb, the process seems to hang. Files less than 200 kb can be attached successfully.

When logging in to the PaperVision Enterprise web client, many of the windows, icons and text descriptions are very large, and some elements may not fit on the screen despite meeting the minimum screen resolution (1024x768). When checked on another workstation, everything looks normal.

The above error may be encountered when configuring the PaperVision Enterprise Authentication Gateway using the Configuration Wizard. This error is the result of not installing the “Windows Authentication” option available with Internet Information Services (IIS).

As of 6/14/2011 Microsoft released a critical update (KB2530548) for Internet Explorer 9 that addresses the issue stated below, and manually adding a registry key may no longer be required.

Also, PaperVision Enterprise version R75 no longer requires this registry change.

When a user attempts to use PaperVision Enterprise ActiveX controls, such as the document viewer, workflow viewer, and administrative controls, Internet Explorer 9 appears to lock up and can only be closed via Task Manager.

Users may receive the following error message when attempting to logon using the PaperVision Authentication Gateway: Error: -28000 - Unable to read Remote Authorization Configuration File C:\Program Files\Digitech Systems\Common Files\PVRemoteAuth.XML (Source: GetRemoteAuthInfo.PVDMSystem)

In the Admin Console, an administrator selects a data group to be purged and enables the option “Submit Purge Job” to remove the data group from the system. The administrator then checks the deletion queue to see if the data group has been moved to the deletion queue and the data group is not listed.

User receives the following error when trying to upload a file when using Scan to PVE or ImageSilo: Error: 9 Description: Subscript out of range. Source: GetFileData_Binary

User receives the following error when trying to attach a file: The following file contained no data and was not added to the system: File1 (‘Filename.txt’).

A user would like to use PaperVision Distribution Assistant (PVDA) to easily share project data with a client. PVDA must be licensed before it can be used.

14 articles found