There are documents checked out that have been deleted. Please contact your system administrator.


Users may receive this message when logging into a PaperVision Tools component.


This warning can occur if a document is deleted while it is still checked out by a user. Whenever a user logs into ImageSilo Tools using the Office or Outlook tool, ImageSilo automatically verifies that all documents checked out on this system are still valid.  If a checked-out document no longer exists in ImageSilo, this warning message will be displayed.

To correct this discrepancy, locate the PVDM.INI file on the local machine (by default, this file resides at “Program FilesDigitech SystemsCommon Files”).

Once located, open the file (using a text editor such as Notepad) and locate the [PVDMDOCVIEW-CHECKOUT] section. Under this section, remove any line items referring to a deleted document and then save the PVDM.ini file.

Users on this system should now be able to log into Tools successfully without receiving this message.

Filed under ImageSilo®, R66

Last modified Jul 01, 2010

Submitted May 27, 2010

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