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When logging in to ImageSilo, many of the windows, icons and text descriptions are very large, and some elements may not fit on the screen despite meeting the minimum screen resolution (1024x768). When checked on another workstation, everything looks normal.

How to add, modify or delete your email subscription to the ImageSilo Service Bulletin notification list.

In Windows 7 the user encounters the following error when trying to export a document: Error -26700: Unable to copy source file

When submitting a Directory Manager job to ImageSilo, the proper field extractions must be listed in the email request (or explicitly stated that there are no index extractions). The information below lists details on creating and selecting the proper folders to use for directory level field extractions for an ImageSilo Directory Manager job.

When attempting to view a document on an operating system other than Windows, the user is prompted with the message “You have chosen to open ‘[FileName].DOC’. Would you like to save this file?”

This article outlines how to create a browser bookmark and a desktop shortcut that will retain the desired entity number even when the entity field is not available to the user at login.

When attempting to use the Scan2Silo feature, and selecting the “Scan New” or the “Scan New Document” button, the user receives this error:

Error 5: Description: Source or Source Manager reported an error to the user and handled the error; no application action required. Source: StartScan.frmTWSetup/PegasusImaging.TwainPro

Users may receive this message when logging into a PaperVision Tools component.

If you browse to, you will receive a security alert. It will state that the security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address.

When attempting to view the Data Groups listed under the Administration section in ImageSilo you receive an error message stating: Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d' Type mismatch: 'cLng' /ADDataGroups.ASP, line 163

10 articles found