Unable to create the SQL statement for selection criteria when adding a new document to PaperVision Enterprise


A user attempts to add a document to a project in PaperVision Enterprise and receives the following error:

Unable to create the SQL statement for selection criteria. (Source: AttachNewDocToProject.EntProcessNewDocsEx.EntCreateDocWFInstances.EntCreateDocWFInstances.PVDMSystem)


This error occurs when a document that has been added to the project contains an index field that existed in a WorkFlow definition pre-condition, but has been changed or removed. The WorkFlow is not able to create an instance for the document because the index field does not match what is stored in the WorkFlow pre-condition and the system throws the error.

To resolve this follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to PaperVision Enterprise (or ImageSilo) as a Workflow Administrator, System Administrator or Global Administrator.
  2. Refresh the Workflow Definition by opening the definition, clicking Edit under Pre-Conditions, then clicking OK to save the pre-condition.

This causes the WorkFlow definition to update its pre-condition based on the current project index field configuration, and allows valid WorkFlow instance to be created when a document meets the pre-condition.

Note: If the index field was removed from the project, it will be removed from the pre-condition criteria as well. Since this could leave the pre-condition with no criteria, you should check for this scenario as well when refreshing the WorkFlow definition.

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Last modified May 12, 2010

Submitted May 12, 2010

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