User unable to log in using Windows Authentication


A user attempts to log in to PaperVision Capture using Windows Authentication, but they receive the following error:   The System could not log you on. Make sure your User name and Entity ID are correct, then type your password again. Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case.


To log in successfully when using Windows Authentication, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Windows Authentication must be enabled under Security Policy
  2. The user must have an account for their Windows credentials in System Users for PaperVision Capture (i.e. Domain\Username)
  3. The Entity ID must correspond to the Entity where the user is listed.
  4. The Use Windows Authentication check box must be checked at the log in screen for the Capture client.

This is a common issue when trying to log in using Windows Authentication, and is a result of one or more of the above conditions not being met.

Filed under PaperVision® Capture, R70.6

Last modified Feb 24, 2020

Submitted Mar 27, 2010

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