Using PVESearchURL with the Authentication Gateway


PVESearchURL is used to automatically log users into PaperVision Enterprise and perform a search using a custom URL. Before version R70, a user name and password pair or a valid session ID was needed to log in. Starting with version R70, users can now submit their request through the Authentication Gateway so that no authentication information is required.


When you use PVESearchURL, a custom URL is sent to the server and a search is performed. Since this request will log you in, some form of authentication is required. When using the Authentication Gateway as this form of authentication, the custom URL will be in a slightly different format. The following is an example URL:



AuthenticationGateway in this URL is the server name or IP where the authentication gateway web site has been configured. Notice that the parameters are sent to Default.aspx instead of PVESearchURL.aspx. The parameter SearchURL is needed and should be set to true. The rest of the required parameters for PVESearchURL are needed as well, except for a user name and password pair or the session ID.

If you are unfamiliar with PVESearchURL, instructions and a list of required parameters can be found on your PaperVision web site or ImageSilo at http://PVESite/PVESearchURL.aspx or


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Last modified June 21, 2017

Submitted Feb 17, 2011

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