When using .net Integrator, the document gets opened in multiple tabs


When using the .NET Integrator, the document gets opened in multiple tabs within Internet Explorer 7



Due to the way Internet Explorer 7 creates new tabs, it is possible that executing an integration definition will open several tabs, and all tabs will be populated with the requested document or search results list that met your criteria.

To stop this behavior, you simply need to set Internet Explorer 7 to open links from other programs in the current tab.

  1. Open Internet Explorer 7, and then select Tools, and Internet Options.
  2. On the General tab, click the "Settings" button (next to Tabs).
  3. In the section labeled "Open links from other programs in" select the option "The current tab or window".
  4. Click “OK” twice to save your settings. Close Internet Explorer.

Now try your .NET Integration definition, which should no longer open multiple tabs or windows.


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Last modified Oct 28, 2009

Submitted Oct 28, 2009

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