Why do Attachment data group sizes fluctuate?


When viewing the properties of Attachment data groups, their size may increase or decrease over time, and may also show a size as zero (0) megabytes.



Attachment data groups are configured to be Read/Write by default in PaperVision Enterprise (and ImageSilo). Documents deleted from the project will be removed from the Microsoft SQL Server database as well as the data group storage location. Once the documents have been removed, the size of the attachment data group is also updated.

For example, if a Records Destruction policy is executed on documents within an attachment data group such that it removes all of the documents, the attachment data group will show a size of zero (0) megabytes.

If the attachment data group has not reached its maximum capacity, the data group will continue to allow updates until it reaches its maximum size.

Therefore it is possible (and by design) that a Records Destruction policy could delete all documents, leaving an empty attachment data group, and then new documents could be added into this data group.



Filed under PaperVision® Enterprise, R69.1

Last modified Apr 13, 2010

Submitted Apr 13, 2010

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