Why does the Index Step consume Capture Scan and Capture Index licenses?


In the Job Properties for a particular job, it states that the License Requirements for the Indexing Step are Capture Scan and Capture Index. This is caused by the property Allow Document Manipulation being set to True in the Indexing step.


Manipulation of documents requires a Capture Scan license. This includes adding or removing documents from a batch and adding or removing pages from a document.

When a user opens a job in the Job Properties window, under the General section of the Step Properties, the user will see an option Allow Document Manipulation. Also under the General Section, there is a License Requirements property, which lists the licenses required for that step. If the user is not going to be modifying documents in the Indexing step, set Allow Document Manipulation to False and License Requirements will include only Capture Index.

Note:  This option has been deprecated as of the R71.1 release.

Filed under PaperVision® Capture, R70

Last modified Jul 26, 2011

Submitted Feb 12, 2010

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