You have chosen to open “[FileName].DOC”. Would you like to save this file?


When attempting to view a document on an operating system other than Windows, the user is prompted with the message “You have chosen to open ‘[FileName].DOC’. Would you like to save this file?”


When using Macintosh, or another non-Windows operating system, the user will receive this message when attempting to open files created by Windows applications. Since the PaperVision Document Viewer is only supported on Windows operating systems, the user must open documents using the OS default application. This message is usually an indication that there is not a default application associated with the file’s extension.


Note: The example in the title uses a Microsoft Word document, however any file extension that does not have a default application will generate this message (when being viewed outside of the PaperVision Document Viewer Plug-in).

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Last modified Jun 13, 2010

Submitted Jun 13, 2010

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