How to submit a Directory Manager job to ImageSilo


When submitting a Directory Manager job to ImageSilo, the proper field extractions must be listed in the email request (or explicitly stated that there are no index extractions). The information below lists details on creating and selecting the proper folders to use for directory level field extractions for an ImageSilo Directory Manager job.


Using an FTP client, login to the ImageSilo FTP site (example: FTPACME). Once the user logs into ImageSilo, they are at the root of the FTP site.  Directory Manager jobs cannot be uploaded to the root of the FTP site.

Create an import folder (aka parent folder) on the FTP site. (Hint: many users name this folder “DM”, and may append the entity ID or project name for easy future reference).  This folder will be the import folder for the job, and represents Directory Level 0. This folder cannot be used for field extraction.

Note: When using PaperVision Data Transfer Manager, the import folder will also be used as the destination path as displayed on the Transfer tab.

The next folder created under the import (or parent) folder (ex: “DM”) can be named anything, and is used for index extraction. For example, that folder could represent the “Document Type”, which corresponds to Directory Level 1 in the index extraction process.

Using the above examples, the FTP site would look like this:


FTPACMEDM-InvoicesPast Due

When submitting the above example as a new Directory Manager job request to the ImageSilo Administrators, the following should be included in the email request:

Entity ID: 1234

Project: Invoices

Directory manager import path – FTPACMEDM-Invoices

Field extraction:

Directory Level 1 = Document Type

Additional folders could also be created after Directory Level 1 and used for indexing, and filename segments could also be included as needed.

Note: ImageSilo Directory Manager jobs will not import until a dirmgr.submit file is placed in the import folder (not on the root ftp site). The dirmgr.submit file does not need to contain any data, it can simply be a blank text file that has been named appropriately.  If using PaperVision Data Transfer Manager to upload data, the submit file is automatically created when it finishes uploading.

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