Understanding search results generated when using values for both full-text and index value search criteria


This article explains how a project search works when using both full-text search values and index values in the same search query.



PaperVision Enterprise can search on index values, full-text criteria, or both. When executing both types of criteria in the same search query, PaperVision Enterprise first executes the full-text search. The results are collected until the maximum full-text search results limit is reached. By default the results list is limited to 500 results.

This set of results is then queried using the index values entered in the search criteria, until the maximum results per query is reached. By default the results list is limited to100 results.

Understanding the way this query is executed is important, as defining a generic full-text search may result in no results being returned since the 500 full-text results may not match the index search criteria.


A search is performed using the full-text criteria ‘tree’, combined with an index value in the Zip Code field. No results are found because nearly every document in the project contains the word ‘tree’, and the set of 500 full-text results found does not contain the specified Zip Code value.

However using ‘sycamore’ for the full-text value could very well return the desired results list, using the same Zip Code value.

Note: Starting with version R80, users have the option to run the index search first, and then apply the full-text search criteria second. This is done by enabling “Query After Indices” in the Full-Text Search Criteria box.

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Last modified Oct 09, 2015

Submitted Jan 22, 2010

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