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Data Group Auto-Mapping allows data groups to be automatically imported into PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo which removes the need for manual processing. You must enable and configure auto-mapping in either PaperVision Capture or PaperFlow when creating new or editing an existing export job. This option is available in PaperVision Capture (R83 or later) and PaperFlow (R81 or later) releases.

The below steps will provide a way for users to launch the Configure PaperVision Enterprise Server Site Wizard in the event an installation was already run and configuration of the PaperVision web site configuration was skipped.

When attempting to view a document in the browser-based viewer, the following message is displayed in place of the document image: The following error(s) occurred! Due to certain browsers’ limitations and potential security concerns, this annotated image cannot be displayed.

3 articles found