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PaperVision® SharePoint Tools

Digitech Systems free PaperVision SharePoint tool allows you to send documents from Windows® Explorer and print documents from any WIndows application directly into SharePoint!


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While configuring PaperVision SharePoint Tools, the user is prompted to enter a URL to their Document Library on the SharePoint server.

When attempting to add a document to a SharePoint Server site configured as a Meeting Workspace using PaperVision SharePoint Tools, the following error is returned:

“An error occurred while uploading the document. Reason: The destination is in a Meeting Workspace, which does not support this action”.

This includes the following Meeting Workspace sites: Basic, Blank, Decision, Multipage, and Social.

When attempting to send files to SharePoint, The user receives the following error: C:\Program Files (x86)\Digitech Systems\PaperVision SharePoint Tools\PaperVisionSendToSharePoint.exe The filename or extension is too long.

3 articles found