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PaperVision® Data Transfer Manager

PaperVision Data Transfer Manager maintains a duplicate copy of all data at a separate site for disaster protection. Package all data into a single, encrypted, compressed file and transfer it between sites through FTP or secure FTP.


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When attempting to create a package file in PaperVision Data Transfer Manager the following error is received: Error 507 Processing Job: Error Creating Package - compression library returned: Cannot write to zip file. Source: Transfer.TransferDG.CreatePackageFromDir.PVDataXfer.

In PaperVision Data Transfer Manager, when attempting to transmit data via the FTP transfer type, the following error is received: Error: 25058; Socket is not connected.

When using PaperVision Data Transfer Manager (DTM) to execute a Data Transfer job, enabling the option Create Compressed Package File, the following error message is returned: Error: -30000: Unable to copy File (Source: Source folder), (Destination: Destination folder) Sharing Violation.

3 articles found