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When upgrading an existing PaperVision Enterprise installation to version R80, does the website need to be upgraded at the same time?

When accessing the Authentication Gateway from Mozilla Firefox, a user is prompted to enter their Windows credentials every time.

When attempting to view documents using the Browser-Based Viewer, users receive the following error: The following error(s) occurred! ImageGear.Web.Ui.ImGearHttpException: Unable to load the specified image.

When printing an E-Form that contains a background image using either the BBV or PVWA, the background image may be missing while text and data used to populate the form prints successfully.

Add the Integrator to the Startup folder on Windows 7 so it will automatically start when the computer starts.

When viewing an email that includes a .PDF attachment, the .PDF may display differently than it would if it were viewed in Adobe.

In some scenarios anti-virus software (AVS) may inhibit the proper functioning of PaperVision Enterprise and Microsoft SQL Server. The purpose of this article is to provide general guidance on excluding directories from AVS scanning in order to avoid potential conflicts.

When using the Firefox browser with PaperVision Web Assistant, the user is prompted that the PaperVision Web Assistant was not found, even though the user has in fact installed this component.

This article describes how to silently install the PaperVision Web Assistant document viewer. This is useful for System Administrators that want to deploy the application to multiple client computers with no user intervention. Note that different versions require additional pre-requisite installations, as noted below.

Google Chrome already has hotkeys assigned for Ctrl + N and Ctrl + T, which prevents the PaperVision hotkeys from functioning. To take advantage of the hotkeys built into the Browser-Based Viewer, Chrome must be launched in application mode.

197 articles found