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When trying to attach a document (Add New Document) through the PaperVision Enterprise client, and the file size is over 200 kb, the process seems to hang. Files less than 200 kb can be attached successfully.

When accessing the PaperVision Enterprise AJAX website, users are presented with a Help hyperlink and OK button with no other formatting or content displayed.

When executing PaperVision Enterprise client from desktop, Firefox will open two windows. The window launched in the background will remain in a “Loading PaperVision…” state without ever closing. There is no impact on functionality and the screen stuck on “Loading PaperVision…” can be closed.

When logging in to the PaperVision Enterprise web client, many of the windows, icons and text descriptions are very large, and some elements may not fit on the screen despite meeting the minimum screen resolution (1024x768). When checked on another workstation, everything looks normal.

The below steps will provide a way for users to launch the PaperVision Configuration Utility in the event an installation was already run and configuration of the PaperVision web site configuration was skipped. This utility is included with the R71.1 (or later) release of PaperVision Enterprise.

When a user attempts to view a document grant, a blank page is displayed, but no error message is displayed. Users that have the document viewer plug-in installed can view documents correctly with no problems.

The message may be displayed in Internet Explorer 8 when expanding a folder which contains many subfolders.

The user option, “Display Calendar” is enabled. However, when adding a new document or altering index values on existing documents, the calendar will not display on a specific index field.

When moving between documents that have overlays attached to them, the overlay option is not kept between documents

When a user attempts to view a document the PaperVision website redirects to a webpage displaying a "The Document Viewer is not installed" prompt.

197 articles found