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PaperVision Capture brings an unprecedented level of efficiency and power to information capture. Work with everything, implement any custom process you want and track any statistic you need.


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A useful feature of PaperVision Capture is the ability to receive an email notification from a PaperVision Capture service when the service encounters an error. By default, these errors are written only to the Windows event log, but with email notification enabled, users can also be directly notified of problems in their PaperVision Capture environment.

If the PaperVision Capture Windows services fail to install during initial installation, and you subsequently attempt to install the services manually, you may receive the following error: Input string was not in a correct format

When attempting to import certain PDF files into a PaperVision Capture batch, the files are not imported, and no error message is displayed. This is due to the files using an “advanced” PDF format, such as certain text-based PDFs. (Note: image-only PDFs generally do not fall into the advanced PDF category.)

A job is configured to export a batch of images and full-text data to an XML data group. Once the job has finished processing and the export created, the export contains only text files in the output directory. No image files are present.

By default the VRS Virtual ReScan icon is not displayed in the Windows system tray while scanning in PaperVision Capture. The following steps describe how to display the Virtual ReScan icon in the system tray while scanning.

When importing pages or using a scanner to scan images into a batch, all of the pages are scanned (or imported); however none of the images from the batch are displayed in the scanning window.

After upgrading to PaperVision Capture R73, and when attempting to edit a custom code step, the new Custom Code Wizard does not display.

The database table that stores batch statistics can grow considerably large in a short amount of time. If this table grows too large, an error may be thrown executing the stored procedure used to retrieve these statistics.

Within PaperVision Capture, regular expressions can be used to validate batch names and index fields populated by a user or an OCR process. Below are a few regular expressions that validate some common date formats:

When using the custom code export feature of PaperVision Capture, and designing specific output, can one use the characters of double quotation marks as field qualifiers for images?

76 articles found