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If operators notice a long delay when taking/opening batches and before the first page displays in the Operator Console, administrators can enable the Pre-Caching property in any manual step.

When moving the batch files up to the Master Batch Repository, the PaperVision Data Transfer Agent may encounter an invalid lease error. When the Operator Console submits a batch, it acquires a "lease" from the server that expires after a certain amount of time.

When configuring Match and Merge to connect to a Named SQL Server Instance or using a non-standard port, a user receives one of the following errors: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Invalid Instance()).]Invalid Connection or [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

The customization and filtering capabilities of Microsoft Excel can easily augment the functionality available in PaperVision Capture. This article demonstrates a simple way to import batch statistics into Microsoft Excel 2007.

A user logs into the Operator Console and attempts to take and open a batch, and receives the following error: Unknown error code = {0}.

This error may occur because the Master Batch Path to where this batch resides has been changed in the Admin Console, but the batch has not been moved to the updated Master Batch Path. Essentially, the Operator Console is looking for the batch in the new location, but it doesn’t exist.

The Custom Code step is running the LaserFiche.xml export template, which is not modified from its default. The root path for the export folder does exist, however no files are populated. In the Batch Management Window, the job is showing “Not Owned”, but still in the Custom Code step.

A user logs in to the Capture Operator Console and tries to create a new batch, but receives the following error message: Cannot Create a Batch; No available Jobs for Entity 1.

When a user tries to import a custom code XML file into PaperVision Capture as a job they receive the following error: Failed to Deserialize Job from Disk.

A document may contain pages with different sizes. The user wants to scan all pages based on the original size of the documents in one scanning process.

When exporting grayscale images out of a PaperVision Capture job, image files are in JPEG format instead of TIFF format.

76 articles found